Contribute to scientific research while sharing your story and reflecting on your dreams for the future! ​

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What's on your mind?

Inquiry Arts is partnering with the MI Dairies Project to support sociolinguistic research and invite Michigan residents to reflect on their lives, curiosities, and hopes for the future.

Since April 2020, The MI Diaries Project at the Michigan State University Sociolinguists Lab has documented changes in the lives and language of people living in Michigan by collecting weekly "audio dairies" during the Covid-19 pandemic. These audio diaries help researchers answer questions about how and why language changes over time. 

Want to learn more & contribute your story?
The MSU Science Festival is a free annual celebration of the STEAM disciplines taking place April 1 - 30 across Michigan. We're hosting co-hosting two festival events with the MI Diaries Project. Learn more below!

Unlocking Great Stories by Asking the Right Questions
Learn the basics with MI Diaries!

Have you ever tried to ask a grandparent (or maybe a child) for stories about their life, but gotten a disappointing one-word response? Asking questions that unlock great stories is a trickier skill than many people realize! 

 Be a part of the MI Diaries research team for an afternoon, learn what goes into making a great sociolinguistic question, and come up with some of your own!

Wednesday, April 6

6:00 - 6:30 PM 

Online webinar

Listening Garden
Stories From the Pandemic


Relax in our Listening Garden at the MSU Science Festival and listen to stories of hope, resilience, and shared experiences from kids, teens, and adults from the past year and a half. Participants will also get a chance to contribute their own audio diary to the project. We'll provide prompts to get folks started!

Saturday April 9 & 10

10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

MSU Horticultural Gardens

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