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Inquiry is an arts initiative reveling in the spaces where scientific and artistic inquiry collide.

We're dreaming of a world where science becomes cultural.


Bold and Edgy Fashion New Arrivals Socia


Empowering artists & scientists


Bold and Edgy Fashion New Arrivals Socia

What We Do

Fusing Science + Culture
We believe our communities are strengthened by both art and science, which empower us to think critically and make evidence-based decisions about our health, the environment, and humanitarian issues both locally and globally. Inquiry's programs, events, and exhibitions seek to fuse art, science, and culture; solidifying science as an essential part of human culture. 
Empowering Artists + Scientists
We support collaborations between artists and scientists by providing access to funding and exhibition opportunities, as well as capacity building and networking opportunities.
Enriching our Communities
We're dedicated to developing programming that is community-driven, inclusive, and participatory; addressing topics relevant to our everyday lives. Hightlighting community voices, stories, and curiosities is central to our process. 

Organizational Core Values

Our work centers around five core values: 

  • Observing the world around us and within ourselves with deep curiosity

  • Questioning and digging into the "who, where, what, when, why, and how"

  • Investigating, experimenting, exploring, and finding moments of play everywhere

  • Sparking and inspiring participation from our communities both locally and globally

  • Broadening access to science, art, and knowledge for all

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